On-Line Sociology Resources for Iowa State Students

Sociology Journals

One of the principal places where sociologists share their work is in sociology journals. Iowa State offers on-line access to many of these journals.

To find articles that interest you, consider starting from one of these on-line indices:

Sociological Abstracts is a searchable index of sociology journals from 1963-present. It indexes over 1,800 periodicals. Click on "advanced search" to search for keywords, authors, titles, and so on. Some of your search results may include a link to an on-line copy of the article ("full-text linking"). If not, click on "links to holdings," to see whether the ISU library provides access to the article.

Web of Science provides access to the Social Sciences Citation Index. In addition to being a searchable index of social science journals, this index also provides information about where particular articles are cited. Select "Web of Science" and then check "Social Sciences Citation Index." The "general search" option provides the ability to search for topics and authors.

Many sociology articles can be found on JSTOR (short for journal storage), which provides access to over 30 sociology journals. (JSTOR also provides access to journals in other disciplines including African American Studies, Anthropology, Asian Studies, Economics, Geography, History, Latin American Studies, Middle East Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Polulation Studies, Slavic Studies, and Statistics.)

To search only sociology journals, choose "Search" on the home page, then select "advanced search." On the advanced search page, you can check "sociology" and/or whatever other disciplines you want to search.

Many journal articles don't appear in JSTOR until several years after they are published. However, they may be available immediately on their publisher's site or another web site.

Here are some of the journals you can access as an ISU student:

Top Tier Generalist Journals

AJS, ASR and Social Forces are generally considered the three leading journals in sociology.They publish articles on a variety of topics. ASR is the flagship journal of the American Sociological Assocition. AJS, published by the University of Chicago, is the oldest U.S. sociology journal. Annual Review of Sociology publishes review articles that summarize and synthesize research on a single topic. AJS and Social Forces both include reviews of recent sociology books.

Others U.S. Generalist Journals

These journals publish articles on a variety of sociological topics. Most of them are sponsored by one of the regional sociological associations, like the Midwest Sociological Society, which publishes The Sociological Quarterly. Social Problems is the official journal of the Society for the Study of Social Problems; it publishes articles that examine contemporary social issues, often from a constructionist perspective. Annals and American Behavioral Scientist are both interdisciplinary journals that publishes theme issues, each of which includes several articles on the same topic.

Others ASA Journals

In addition to the American Sociological Review, the American Sociological Association puts out these specialty journals, each of which focuses on a specific topic. Contemporary Sociology consists entirely of book reviews of new sociology books.

Foreign/International Generalist Journals

Special Perspective or Method Journals

Some journals take a specific approach to sociological research. Some focus on particular methods, such as JCE (ethnography), Qualitative Sociology (qualitative methods), and SSR (quantitative methods). Some publish work using a specific sociological perspective, such as Critical Sociology and Symbolic Interaction, which is sponsored by the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction.

Research and Commentary on Sociology

The American Sociologist publishes articles focusing on sociology and sociologists.

Specialty Journals

Each of these journals focuses on one particular area of the social sciences. Many of them are interdisciplinary journals, meaning they may publish work related to their topic from sociologists, anthropologists, economists, political scientists and other social scientists. All of the interdisciplinary journals listed here are those "that consistently address topics of sociological relevance, and in which sociologists regularly publish" (Sociological Abstracts).

Comparative and Historical Sociology
Organizational and Economic Sociology
Rural Sociology
Social Networks
Sociological Methodology
Sociological Theory
Sociology of Law and Justice
Sociology of Health and Illness
Sociology of Religion
Sociology of Sport and Leisure
Other Specialty Journals

The journals listed above include many of the most respected journals in sociology. The ISU library also provides access to many others. Consult this list of 2,000+ social science journals from the library or this list of 500+ sociology-related journals accessable through the Academic Search Elite database.

A number of other sociology journals are not accessible on-line through the ISU library. The ASA provides a list of 400+ journals on its web site and Sociological Abstracts provides this list of nearly 2,000 journals that publish sociological articles.

If a journal article you want is not available through the Iowa State library (either in print or on-line), you can order it using the library's interlibrary loan form. An PDF of the article is usually delivered to you within a few days.

Sociological/Social Science Associations

The American Sociological Association is the national organization for sociologists in the United States. It sponsors a large (6,000+ participants) conference each summer, publishes leading sociology journals, and sponsors 44 sections focusing on sociological specialties (see below). Its members subscribe to its code of ethics.

The ASA web site includes information on "Sociology Major - Preparation for Careers" and "Careers in Sociology."

The Midwest Sociological Society is the regional sociologicial association for our region of the country. (There are either other regional associations.) Its annual meeting, held each spring, includes undergraduate paper sesssions and an award for best undergraduate paper. If you are considering a sociological career, attending MSS is a great way to sample a wide range of sociology and meet many friendly sociologists. The 2007 meeting will be held April 4-7 in Chicago.

Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction

Society for the Study of Social Problems

Rural Sociological Society

Association for the Sociology of Religion

Sociologists for Women in Society

Association of Black Sociologists

Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology

Association of Christians Teaching Sociology (ACTS)

Association for Humanist Sociology

The Christian Sociological Society

North American Society for the Sociology of Sport

International Sociological Association

American Society of Criminology

Population Association of America

Society for the Scientific Study of Religion

International Society for Justice Research

ASA Sections

The American Association sponsors sections, each of which consists of sociologists who share interest in a sociological subfield. The web pages maintained by these sections are often good places to start learning about one of these sociological specialties. The following sections have web pages:

Section on Aging and the Life Course

Section on Animals and Society

Section on Asian and Asian American

Section on Collective Behavior/Social Movements

Section on Communication and Information Technologies

Section on Community and Urban Sociology

Section on Crime, Law and Deviance

Section on Culture

Section on Economic Sociology

Section on Education

Section on Emotions

Section on Environment and Technology

Section on Sociology of the Family

Section on History of Sociology

Section on International Migration

Section on Labor and Labor Movements

Section on Latino/Latina Sociology

Section on Sociology of Law

Section on Marxist Sociology

Section on Mathematical Sociology

Section on Medical Sociology

Section on Methodology

Section on Organizations, Occupations and Work

Section on Peace, War and Social Conflict

Section on Political Economy of the World System

Section on Political Sociology

Section on Population

Section on Racial and Ethnic Minorities

Section on Rationality and Society

Section on Religion

Section on Science, Knowledge and Technology

Section on Sex and Gender

Section on Sexualities

Section on Social Psychology

Section on Sociological Practice

Section on Teaching and Learning

Section on Theory